May 21, 2018

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May 16, 2018

Introduction to The Planetary Pattern of All Lottery Winners

When Pope Julius II asked Michelangelo how he created the statue of David, 
Michelangelo reportedly replied, 
“It’s easy. I just remove everything that doesn’t look like David.”

“If you can predict the future, why can’t you win the lottery?” Cynics ask us all the time. As astrologers, we know that if the planets aren’t in our favor, we can’t reach up and rearrange them. If only it were so. Skeptics, naysayers, and especially lottery officials, shake their heads and call us superstitious. If I win, believe me, you’re going to hear about it. Ungracious as it may be, I’m going to chide, “Nah nah nah nah nah nah!” all the way to the bank. And if you win after learning how from this book, I hope you’ll do the same. Short of claiming a huge Powerball or Mega Millions jackpot myself, not much would make me happier than to hear that you won by using the information I’m going to share with you. If you win, astrology wins, and in a way, I’ll win, too.

There have even been a few astrologers who have rolled their eyes with skepticism. That’s okay; they just haven’t figured it out, yet. Maybe they haven’t tried, because money’s not, you know, spiritual. Namaste. There’s a reason we live on the material plane, and we all have to put bread on the table. Spirituality isn’t mutually exclusive with poverty.

Some astrologers have tried to figure it out. I’ve heard them say, “It has to do with these planets and their midpoints, and the Part of Fortune, and it needs to be triggered by a faster planet, and well, it’s complicated…” but that’s over-thinking it. And they don’t provide a single example to study. Or they scratch one out on a cocktail napkin that looks like a goofy emoticon with ears that we can go cross-eyed trying to make heads or tails of. Then there are the exotic Eastern sidereal charts with a house system that’s foreign to us in the West. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, but most of us in the Western Hemisphere cut our teeth on the tropical system, and don’t want to learn a whole new method just to get the answer to the one little question of, “How can I win the lottery?” That could take years. So this book had to be simple. It had to clearly show the repetitive pattern in every lottery win so that everyone who understands the mere basics of Western (tropical) astrology—the signs, planets, houses and aspects—can see at a glance their own personal lucky times, and when not to waste their time.

I imagine (and hope) astrologers at many different levels of skill may read this book, because just about everyone would like to win the lottery. Some of what is covered here may seem over-simplistic to some (pointing out that the ruler of the Ascendant is the chart ruler, for example), but those new to astrology deserve the same chance as those with experience. The material is presented in a specific way for the purpose of rewiring our brains to recognize the connections and make them stick. It is comprehensive, and therefore not filled with pretty prose to tickle your imagination. You want to see how these people won, and how you can do it, too. It will be easy, but you’ll have to make an effort to at least read this book. And that’s what I suggest you do first. Just read it. Don’t start off with the first chart and study it until you go bonkers. Just read a few delineations, any of them, at random if you wish. The winning pattern will quickly appear to you.

I have chosen seven lucky winners whose wins were certified and undeniable facts, and whose complete birth data is available to everyone with an internet connection. None of them have won the humongous jackpots that are prevalent today (as far as I know), but the amounts they won were tidy sums at the time. People are much more cautious with their data and privacy in this electronic age. It’s rare to find winners willing to go public with their data, even if we knew how to contact them and could somehow assure them that our intentions are strictly honorable, our interest is statistical, and that no one could identify them from their data alone. And that’s if we could even get their attention in the first place among the thousands of requests for handouts they must receive for years on end. Let’s be grateful to those few who were gracious enough to have donated their data to further the study of astrology. May their rewards be many more.

It was never my intention to give away this work on Lottery Astrology. It was going to be my ticket to freedom because my husband is holding me prisoner. If you don’t understand how that works, please Google economic abuse or financial abuse. Just because you can walk out the door doesn’t mean you can leave. Most people think this is the kind of dirty laundry that needs to be kept secret, but that’s how abusers get away with it. Victims are shamed into silence until they have no voice at all. The shame isn’t mine. I’ve done nothing wrong, and I am sick of being victim-shamed. The work I can do in secret from home is my only chance for escape; so if you use this work as a reference, please click on the coin slot in the sidebar to make a donation. I’m not asking for a handout. I’m giving you something of value in exchange for a little compensation. It may never be enough to escape, but every cent will help to make my life a little better, and will be sincerely appreciated. Thank you.

This is two years of research, compilation and transcription. There are nearly 800 pages and over 200 example charts here to show you the winning planetary pattern, one that’s constantly changing, but easy to find if you understand basic astrology. Please read the introduction first.

I understand that printing out the charts makes it easier to follow, rather than scrolling up and down, up and down. That’s okay; go ahead. But remember that this is copyright -protected work, and you may not copy, distribute, share, or try to pass off any part of it as your own. You know the drill. Links are appreciated.

© Lesia Valentine 2018